Position: Photo Production & Sales Representative

Position Overview: The Photo Production & Sales Representative position has combined responsibilities that cover all aspects of the photo production process, including: capture, editing, printing, sales, and customer service. When stationed in the photo capture area,

Reports to: Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Manager


  • Greet guests with a smile and pleasant acknowledgement as they approach the photo capture area
  • Keep lines moving quickly and efficiently
  • Take a quick and quality image of guests
  • Follow trained procedures on operation of equipment
  • Monitor the quality of the photos and capture a re-take if necessary
  • Hand guests their photo claim ticket so they can view their photo after the attraction
  • Look after and maintain photography equipment, ensuring it is in working order
  • Edit digital photos with special attention to detail
  • Do paper changes as necessary
  • Look after and maintain the photo labs/printers ensuring all are in working order
  • Keep daily inventory of paper and necessary chemicals
  • Show and sell guests their photo as they approach the photo gallery
  • Accurately and efficiently operate point of sale systems and accurately maintain all transactions
  • Package photos for the guests
  • Look after and maintain all the gallery equipment ensuring it is all in working order
  • Keep the area clean and tidy
  • Perform additional duties as directed by Supervisor, Assistant Manager, or Manager

Employment Attributes:

  • Patient
  • Positive attitude
  • Can work as a member of a team
  • Can work under pressure in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge of a second language is an asset

Working Conditions:

  • Seasonal (approx. April/May – Oct/Nov)
  • Repetitive environment while standing for long periods of time
  • Shift work requiring a flexible schedule, including holidays and weekends
  • Outdoor/indoor work environments, depending on location

Starting Wage: $14.00 per hour

How to Apply: Send your resume to hiring@digitalattractions.com with the subject line ‘Photo Production & Sales Representative Application’