Digital Attractions Inc. is proud to announce its first expansion 2017 at the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory. Everyone in at the parks know of our dedicated service at the Boat Tour location and Journey Behind the Falls™. For over ten years we have provided Niagara Parks visitors with the best photography service available to help them treasure their memories. Now that same fantastic service is available the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory.

We worked hard and are thrilled by this expansion – Irfan Saleemi, CEO/Founder

It’s always a challenge to get a good group shot of yourself along with the butterflies. But no more! Visitors of the conservatory are able to have to their pictures taken individually or in groups prior to entering the exhibit. By the time guests are exiting the venue they are presented with their photos rendered seamlessly against a custom made background showcasing various butterflies on top of their portraits.

There was a consumer challenge for attaining good pictures inside the conservatory.  We sought to resolve that challenge – Michael Wassif, General Manager



Photos are also packaged in custom made folders, with all artword processed in house.

Come stop by the conservatory to experience the butterflies and take home the memories.