One hundred and fifty years in the making and here we are. Niagara Falls drew one of the biggest crowds ever as tens of thousands of people descended on the parkway to catch a glimpse of the firework display, with the majestic falls as the backdrop. Here at Digital Attractions we couldn’t be happier at serving millions of guests over the past 14 years, and helping them retain their memories from their visit. We also celebrated the momentous occasion with the opening of our third new location this season in Niagara Falls located at the White Water Walk attraction. To celebrate our opening, we gave away hundreds of guest portraits with the raging rapids as the backdrop.

As with every Canada Day, our staff came into work literally wearing their Canadian pride.

It’s both a challenge and a pleasure to make sure everything runs smooth on Canada Day. This is our biggest one yet. – Michael Wassif, Operations Manager


Check out some of our memories from the day and share yours with us! #ShareYourMemories