Selfie Lovers Unite!

Let’s face it, Niagara Falls might be the selfie capital of the world. Walk along the Niagara Parkway at any point in time and you’ll see dozens of people playing acrobatics with selfie sticks trying the get the perfect shot of the Falls with themselves in it. We say ‘good on you’ for trying, but it’s not always easy to get that perfect capture while juggling souvenirs, gift bags, children and other items you might be carrying; not to mention other people standing in what is supposed to be your selfie. So here is our handy guide for the ideal places to stand along the parkway.


  1. Most people’s journey in Niagara Falls begins at this spot. It’s ideal because it’s one of the few spaces where you can capture both the American Falls and Canadian Horseshoe Falls, though it might appear a bit small off in the distance. But don’t worry, your selfie trek is about to larger.
  2. At the bottom of Clifton Hill is one of the most busiest and crowded places to take a picture, and for good reason. This space gives you one of the clearest and unobstructed views of the American Falls. But be prepared for other people competing for the same spot. Our suggestion is to come as early in the day as possible, because come sunset, thousands descend to this place to watch the fireworks.
  3. Another hotspot is here near the coin operated binoculars. It’s a tight squeeze but you should have a clear view of the American Falls.  You’ll also be treated to the occasional zip liner ‘zipping’ across the Falls, so time your shots carefully.
  4. Throughout this area you’ll find more coin operated binoculars and lookout points. Grab as many shots as you can. Just keep in mind that the brushes are full in the Summer, so you might get some obstruction here.
  5. From this point forward, you’ll be saying goodbye to the American Falls and hello the to real jaw dropping drops. The Canadian Horseshoe Falls can be captured in full from here on down. Several lookout points here will provide you the opportunity for a clean and unobstructed view. Tight spots will prevent strangers jumping in your selfie so just be patient and you’ll get in eventually.
  6. Here you’ll be treated to the lip of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.  This is the second busiest location on the Parkway as it is the closest you can get to the Falls from the Canadian side. Below you is the Journey Behind the Falls attraction where you can get even closer to the Falls. In fact you can go underneath the Falls in the tunnels if you wish via the attraction. Getting photos here is quite a challenge from the mist that will soak you if you and there long enough. So careful with your electronics.
  7. Secret spot? You’d be surprised how many people ignore this beautiful angle as most people tend to drive across border. But if you have your travel documents, venture on the bridge in for an amazing unobstructed view of the both Falls.


There it is. Your selfie guide on the Parkway at Niagara Falls. We know how challenging it is to get a shot here. In fact we made it our business to help you capture your studio like portrait against Falls at many of our locations. Visit the boat location and Journey Behind the Falls for us to take your picture, or our FX Shop at Table Rock Center to select one of our many different backgrounds.

Happy Snapping.