Whatever you can imagine we can create for your venue. Whether it’s going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, running from dinosaurs, or flying on broomsticks, we can provide your guests with a souvenir of their dreams using our proprietary green-screen Photo FX image capture technology.

Green-screen imaging, also known as chroma-keying, allows us to seamlessly combine two separate image or video streams. First we photograph or video your guests in a custom-built green-screen studio at your venue, then replace the green background with another image or video to put them in whatever scenario you can imagine.

Our green-screen Photo FX studios can accomodate most floor plans ranging from full hangers to more compact mobile setups.

We’ll work with you to design immersive and entertaining background scenarios for your guests to enjoy, and create overlay artwork to communicate your brand on each photo or video that’s produced.

Let’s talk about the generating more revenue for your venue with our Photo FX technology.