Signature Venue Views

With our proprietary green-screen technology, also known as chroma-keying, we can ensure that your guests always have a picture-perfect background of the most iconic views at your venue.

We begin by photographing your guests in a custom-built green-screen studio at your venue, then replace the green background with the iconic views that best showcase your attraction or theme park. So even on rainy days, your venue will be sunny. And guests who attend during the day can have pictures that look like they were there at night!

Augmented Reality Photo FX

Our Augmented Reality Photo FX solutions take your guest experience to a higher level.

We photograph or video your guests in a custom-built green-screen studio at your venue, then replace the green background with another image or video to put them in whatever scenario you can imagine, whether it’s going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, running from dinosaurs, or flying on broomsticks!

Our green-screen Photo FX studios can accommodate most floor plans ranging from full hangers to more compact mobile setups.

Ride Photo & Video

The proprietary ride capture photo and video systems that we provide via our exclusive licensing agreement with Colorvison International Inc. / Amazing Pictures are featured at major attractions like Universal Studios, Walt Disney World Resort, and Busch Gardens.

This patented system combines state-of-the-art technology along with customized visual effects to brand each photo and video and create a highly themed memento of each guest’s ride experience.

All images, like the sample shown here, are developed in partnership with Colorvision International Inc. This sample image features intellectual property not held by Digital Attractions or Colorvision International, Inc. All external intellectual property and associated trademarks are held by their respective owners and are used under partnership.


Roaming Photography

Our professional roaming photographers are a big hit with guests because nobody in their party gets left out of the picture.

And there is no way that guests can capture all their spontaneous moments of enjoyment at your venue by taking selfies, which is another way our roaming photographers can enhance their experience.

Assigning a roaming photographer to follow costumed characters or stationing them near the entrance or at key points of interest creates the best photo opportunities.